The franchising is the next project which Ke Palle aspires to: the affiliation process for the first franchisee members is going to start in January 2018.

For Ke Palle this is a starting point towards further expansion of the brand and at the same time a point of arrival, which was reached after a strong internal consolidation, thanks to the opening of five direct shops throughout a few years.

Just because we know what complexities involve the store management, we have been waiting until now, reaching during these years the necessary experience and the right know-how to create a standard method to be used by those who will invest in our project.

In short:
  • Ke Palle is a successful format that brings together the best Sicilian culinary tradition with advanced tools for marketing and communication.
  • Activity in quality fast food sector, does not need any specific skills thanks to "no chef" formula.
  • Little investment and high profit margins thanks to rapid rotation and minimum stock of products.
  • Ideal activity for small and medium sized places, with family-run management.
  • Highly appreciated product, both in variety and low price.
Each affiliate will be guided in the selection, creation and opening up of their local management and supported during the start-up.