Ke Palle artisanal beers, perfect to be tasted with our arancina


Love for good food is often accompanied by the passion for good drinking, with gourmet attention to what's in the glass or in the bottle. Each dish has its proper matching and matching, and the crisp and golden crust of the Sicilian arancina, finds its perfect union with the golden colour of the beer. But do not think of liters and rivers of an insipid and quirky drink: for some years in Italy, the beer has in fact been knowing a good making process as well as wine-making, with the presence of numerous artisanal beers.

Artisanal beer is a non-pasteurized beer produced without the use of preservatives and using selected and first-rate ingredients. The absence of pasteurization allows to taste all the fragrance of a "fresh and genuine" and 100% natural product, consisting only of 4 basic ingredients - water, barley malt, hops and yeast. The peculiarity of artisanal beers lies in differentiation, in the search for maximum quality of ingredients and in the brewery's creativity.

A tasteful experience that often comes from the attention to what the territory offers: a perfect example is the artisanal beer of Ke Palle that can be enjoyed with our arancina. Produced in Sicily, by Bruno Ribadi, a famous artisanal brewery, our beers are characterized by the presence of ingredients of the territory: so the “Pilsner Sicilian style”, and the “Sicilian Pale Ale” are available in Ke Palle. The first one is a light and light beer, ideal for all dishes, with a aftertaste of cereals characterized by ancient Sicilian grains, timiliarussello and perciasacchi, used to produce it, and it is great to combine with intense flavours such as arancina “Norma”, or with fish ones, such as arancina with black cuttlefish ragout or with arancina with swordfish. Sicilian Pale Ale is instead produced with perciasacchi grain, Sicilian peel citrus fruits, “sommacco” berries and pink pepper berries. It is a bitter-flavoured beer, with a distinctive scent given by the citrus fruits of Sicily and by the addition of “sommacco” and pink pepper berries; it’s delicious to be accompanied by dishes with strong flavours, from street food like chickpea fritters and fried vegetables – that’s why is perfect with Ke Palle Coppo – or with arancina with meat ragout or sausage, or with arancina of pasta or with arancina of pasta with sardines and wild fennel.

Ke Palle artisanal beers are available in all Ke Palle restaurants in Palermo and Trapani: ask advice for the perfect one to enhance even more the goodness and flavour of the Sicilian arancina.