Ke Palle in Gambero Rosso 2017 Restaurant Guide


Italy, land of culture, flavors, excellence. All the elements that make the identity of Ke Palle and its products even more Italian, reflecting the brand's approach to the highest quality pursuit. Attention to the raw material, with the preference for the products of the territory, the care in craftsmanship that exalts a secular tradition, the will of innovation with amazing combinations and gourmet matrix: it is probably the set of all these "ingredients" that has led Gambero Rosso Guide, the best expression of good taste in Italy, to select Ke Palle among the addresses not to be missed in Sicily to enjoy the best arancina.

The “Bible of taste” in Italy wrote about Ke Palle: "Only arancina, but not just the classic ones," meat "and “ham and mozzarella. A classic from from Palermo, a golden fried ball made in countless variants inspired by Italian and international cuisine, crunchy stuffed with everything that passes by the head. Or arancina of pasta, with sardines an wild fennel, Sicilian anelletti, and with couscous. Or gourmet arancina, with sausage ragout, black cuttlefish, cantaloupe and crudo ham. Honor where honor is due”.

Thanks to those who have seen in Ke Palle an excellence, inserting the brand alongside historical names of the regional gastronomic tradition. Another reason for us to be proud of our arancina, if we think that Ke Palle has become a reference point for pleasure and quality just in a few years.