Ke Palle Coppo: the partner of our Arancina


Street Food is synonymous with of walking and eating: who has never walked and enjoying something irresistibly delicious in the meantime? An Italian habit that tells an important piece of the gastronomic culture of Belpaese, characterized by a unique richness of products for each region, a tasty link between cuisine and territory that in Sicily is realized by an incredible variety of dishes to try.

And if Queen of Street Food in Sicily Island is naturally the Arancina - which is, according to Palermo origins, strictly female, as we like to emphasize -  Her Majesty has joined  the mythical "Coppo".

The Coppo in Sicily is almost a kind of unit of measure, a piece of food paper that usually contains delicious goodness that tastes the palate, a surprise continually to draw literally to full hands to enjoy a fancy of products and flavors. Ke Palle's one is filled with delicious and fragrant "fries": battered vegetables, potato croquettes and cheese cubes,  Ke Palle Coppo is a good quality casket that can not be resisted, perfect also to be taken away and tasted on the road.