Finding Federico, the gentleman that the world needs.


You would think that fairytales exist, or maybe that could exist nowadays, in the Internet and Social Media era. In fact, the story which we are telling you become because of them. A storytale that, like our arancina, seems to be created by an author. But it really started from a real fact.

Everything starts an afternoon in September, in the via Maqueda shop of KePalle. A woman takes an arancina, but she realizes that she can’t pay it. Maybe thanks to the arancina or maybe thanks to her not-working credit card, one guy paid for her. She, embarassed, goes away, just finding out his name: Federico. Soon the girl – she is called Federica too! – feel shame for not said thank you to that gentleman, so decided to call KePalle asking for a search of him.

From this background comes up our post, that as well as reached 161k users on Facebook, involved national newspapers and radios (like R101 with Isabella Eleodori). It is started, in fact, a treasure hunt, that seen the numbers of mobilization, it should have been successful: like it was.

Federico answer to our call, in accordance with the character he accidentally created, and who – we find out – is needed by this world. This message says:

“Dear guys,

 Formerly, gives something to a woman is considered a normal thing, but now we lost our old values which made boys “men”. We are surprised by trivial things, that if they were ever done the world would be a better place. A bracelet, a kiss, a tv-color or an arancina: what you give will never be important like the smile that this act induces. The smile, like the smile of Federica, has the real worth. Learn to smile and get the others smile.

With love,


Then Federico made we all smiling: with his action and his words reached more people than before, getting 2.000 likes on Facebook.

At the end, also Federica has become smiling, since she could say thank you to her knight.