Ke Palle is the only brand specialized in offering the widest range of arancina, typical Sicilian street food, combining the classic recipe with numerous varieties inspired by the Italian and international cuisine.

Tradition, quality of products, research and craftsmanship: these are the values ​​at the basis of our work and of Ke Palle arancina.

A take away product, according to the best tradition of Sicilian street food, now presented with counter service.

Round, fragrant, irresistible and strictly "female" (as they are considered in Palermo), Ke Palle arancina has been reinvented and enriched with new ingredients. Inspired by the ancient Arabic recipe saffron rice and seasoned with herbs and meat, we offer a rich menu of flavours and always updated, encouraging customers to try more than 40 different variations, including "limited editions", vegetarian and vegan arancina.